I be who I be

My name is Amy, I am 32 years old, and I live in New Hampshire. I’ve been with the love of my heart for eight years and married for four years. I have two kitties named Lamar and Bowser and they are our fur babies. In May 2016 my husband and I had our daughter and are head over heels in love with her. I’m a kicky housewife and mom that doesn’t wear pearls while dusting down the house and goes grocery shopping in basketball shorts and old t-shirts with who knows what on them.

Every week I’ll be writing about my life as a young housewife and new mom. I’ll write about my struggles, accomplishments, yay moments, ideas, and solutions to everyday problems. We’re all in this together, why not learn a little about each other along the way?

I’m a kicky housewife that makes her own rules and life. With a husband, kitties, and the cutest baby ever, I’m unstoppable.

*This blog is of my own experience and opinion. In no way do I feel this is the only and right way to live life as a housewife or live life. I be who I be, take me or leave :)*


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