The end is just the beginning

Alright, kids. I’m coming to the end. I am 38 and a half weeks pregnant. As an overview this has been a tough but fairly easy pregnancy. I only gained 11 pounds overall. I am able to move fairly easily, although Tim had to help me take off pants the other night. That was a new low. I didn’t get horrendous morning sickness in the first trimester. Mostly, I haven’t had the more common issues with pregnancy. I do have gestational diabetes with six shots of insulin a day and six finger pricks a day along with a struggle of eating everything I’m suppose to and exercise and it didn’t help at all. Non-stress tests twice a week for the last two months. Awful flare ups with my erythema nodsum. Pubis symphysis early in the pregnancy. Just things I didn’t expect with my pregnancy.

Overall though, I don’t have much to complain about. At no point were my doctors worried about my or my daughter’s immediate health and well being. We never had to make any decisions that I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy. I didn’t have one non-stress test where the results weren’t beautiful, and really twice a week I got to listen to my daughter’s heartbeat for half an hour. How amazing is that? Now that I’m nearing the end it’s a time of reflection. Here are five things I’m going to miss about being pregnant and five things I’m not going to miss about being pregnant.

Five things I’m going to miss:

1.) Polite strangers: The one great thing about your belly entering a store before you is that strangers are a lot nicer to you in general. Doors are held open longer. “Oh, hunny don’t rush. Take your time” is a phrase you hear more often. A glace at my tummy and a kind smile is seen on a daily basis. I know after she’s born you still get some perks from strangers, but for some reason I feel like it will be different.

2.) Knowing that I’m growing a human: Like a human. Last summer I was beginning to be convinced that I wasn’t going to get pregnant. That I had done something in my life where karma was smacking me saying, “No!” Then we got pregnant. That was so cool in of itself. The first time I felt her move though is indescribable. That was when it really sank in. I was creating this life. My body was providing for a little spirit to bring into this world.

3.) Taking naps: Amazing reason to say, “I’m exhausted. I’m going to take a nap.” Since I hit the third trimester this has happened more than one time a day a few days. Again, I don’t know how women work full time and grow a fetus. I just applaud them over and over.

4.) Having Tim rub my belly: When I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions or am just really uncomfortable one of the solutions is to have Tim rub my belly. Before I was pregnant I would slap his hand away from my belly. I didn’t want him touching my belly because I wasn’t proud of that belly. I am proud of this belly and it makes me feel better. I’ll miss that.

5.) That I can do things on a whim: Everything I do, every time I think, “This is never going to be the same again.” This thought crosses my mind about a hundred times in one store trip. I won’t be alone again for a long time. I won’t go down an aisle without little hands shooting out. I won’t be able to take time looking through clothes racks looking for a shirt. I know, there will be a day where I can do these things. People want to babysit, people want to help, but let’sbehonest, it’s never going to be the same again.

Five things I’m not going to miss:

1.) Limitations on my body: It drives me crazy. Everything is more difficult. Cleaning. Shopping. Feeding the cats. Everything. Even showering has turned into an event. I’ve never looked forward to bending over at the waist so much in my life.

2.) My belly knocking into things: I couldn’t believe how every day my belly would knock into things it didn’t the day before. Door frames. The counter. Railings. Bureaus. On and on. I felt like I woke up huger than when I went to bed. I mean, I guess that’s the point of pregnancy but…you know I didn’t know.

3.) During the last month, her moving around: Who knew seven pounds of fury could be so uncomfortable? Laying down feels impossible some nights. It feels like she’s trying to break out through the top of my stomach or through my belly button. It’s still amazes me to feel or watch her move but good lawd, it’s hard sometimes.

4.) Being babied: If I got a dollar for every time I’ve said, “I’m not an invalid. I’m pregnant” I’d have enough dollars to buy a new outfit from the non clearance rack at Target. I know it’s people who love me and Eva just being caring and looking out for us. But, it’s not that I can’t do anything and sometimes that how I felt. That everyone around me wanted to wrap me in bubble wrap and put me on the couch. Women work, clean, raise kids, and do a million other things while preggers. We’re built for it.

5.) Not being able to eat sushi, blue cheese, and drink red wine: Every time I go to Hannaford and pass the sushi counter the pang of, “I could eat 16 eel rolls right now” is very real. Red wine is calling my name as I waddle down the pasta aisle. I know I’m still restricted in how much of these things I can eat and drink after she’s born, but I will settle for one eel roll and a few sips of Cupcake red wine. Mmmm, that will be delicious.

The last 38 weeks have been up and down. There have been some great weeks and some weeks I was so over this. Not much different than most pregnant women. I am so thankful to have gone through this and am freaking out that shortly I will be rocking my daughter to sleep in our house. Thank you to everyone who has read along and been so supportive of my growing family. I have to let you all know this will probably be my last post for a while. I’m guessing my time will be occupied by others things. I’ll be back eventually and I’ll let you know. Take care, be kind, and talk to you soon!


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